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For more than 16 years, AlphaBuzz has been the premier provider of nationwide qualitative market research, recruitment, and project management. We custom-build qualitative market research studies for a variety of different industries. We spend time with you before, during and after the project to anticipate and understand the uniqueness of each client, each market and each study.

Our team has recruited and managed nationwide projects, with a truly diverse ability to reach not only specific and major markets but secondary and rural communities across the country.

Our well-trained staff is committed to excellence and attention to detail to ensure that your studies are managed and recruited with utmost precision, bringing qualified and articulate respondents to your specific research study.

AlphaBuzz proudly maintains an overall show rate of 95% simply because we give recruiting the time and effort that it needs. Our recruiters are continually trained with systems and methodologies to remain current as business and the global marketplace evolves. We are dedicated to making each study successful, no matter the challenges that may arise!

We maintain and grow our nationwide database, keeping it dynamic, up-to-date, clean, and targeted. This allows us to provide you with a variety of articulate and charismatic respondents, which are comprehensively tracked, to ensure new participants for all your research needs.

What sets us apart?

  • We proudly have a 95% show rate for all research studies.
  • We pride ourselves in setting realistic expectations with clients.
  • We understand qualitative research, not just recruiting.
  • We use technology as a tool, pushing the envelope to be efficient and innovative.
  • We pay attention to detail ensuring we verify qualified participants.

Project Management

At AlphaBuzz, we work hard to organize the logistics behind your project. We offer end-to-end market research packages, designing and managing the implementation of entire research studies. From crafting proposals and creating screeners, to initial recruitment and securing platforms or facilities to conduct your studies, we can do it all. We manage your budget and timeline in order to deliver optimal results.

We schedule and manage your study from beginning to end. This includes scheduling and management of your non-traditional or standard market research facility; bulletin boards, in-depth interviews or whatever type of research you are planning. We are experts in logistics in all of these areas.

Additionally, we handle incentive distribution as well as coordinate and manage video/audio files and transcriptions as needed.


Specification Analysis

Methodology Consultation

Screener Development



Focus Groups

Usability Labs

Bulletin Boards

In-Depth Phone Interviews

Ethnographic Interviews

Telefocus/Web Groups

Mock Juries

On-Site Business Interviews


Transcription Editing

Incentive Fulfillment & Distribution


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