Gayle Fluster

Principal, Project Director

From the start of her career, Gayle has consistently shown herself a leader and implementer, and her professional experience gives her a particular advantage in understanding and addressing a wide range of business challenges and opportunities. Attending the University of Chicago and the University of Texas at Austin as a business major, she began her professional life assisting the conference coordinator at UT, eventually creating the off-campus housing directory for Austin.

From 1986 until she began her market research career co-founding Infoco, Inc. in 1992, Gayle worked in a variety of capacities in the airline industry in reservations, call center operations as well as various airport positions. Her roles with Infoco are the ones that ultimately brought her talents into one cohesive package for great success; that of strategizer and implementer. Gayle founded AlphaBuzz, Inc. in 2006 to leverage these successes create the best possible independent qualitative recruiting firm.


Susan Phillips

Project Director

Interested in all aspects of the business world, Susan brings a multi-faceted skill set to AlphaBuzz, Inc. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a Masters in Accounting, she began her career in the world of finance at Lockheed Martin and traveled the U.S., moving from Orlando to Albuquerque and finally to Chicago. While immersed in accounting and finance, she found her interests shifting to wanting to work more closely with the human element, and undertook a major directional change into sales and marketing. Eventually her success there led to management and to Texas, working for major corporations such as Mobil Oil and Honeywell International. As the National Channel Manager for Honeywell's Specialty Materials Division, Susan was responsible for distribution, inside sales, and e-commerce, managing a $49M dollar business unit with a 14% increase in sales for 3 consecutive years.

Susan first entered market research as a recruiter with Infoco, Inc. in 2005, and swiftly moved into management there. She continued on with AlphaBuzz, Inc. at its founding in 2006, and uses her broad business acumen to inform all aspects of her project direction, putting her incisive perspectives and skills of communication to work on a daily basis to ensure success for her clients. She is also a wife and mother of two girls, which presents her with daily opportunities in management of a different kind!