“After using a number of different recruiting agencies for our research, AlphaBuzz has proven to be the best we have worked with. Their ability to recruit high quality respondents and deliver them with very good show rates allows us to focus on our research, and finish projects on schedule. Their professionalism and experience makes the team at AlphaBuzz both a pleasure to work with and a valuable component of our research program.”

Usability Manager
Fortune 500 telecommunications company

“AlphaBuzz is the secret sauce in the success of my business – their recruits are head and shoulders over working with local facilities where repeat offenders are there just for the money. Good recommendations on working effectively within specs, identifying the best facilities and creative, fresh participants all combine for an outstanding experience.”

Constance Williams
General Managing Partner, Chief Knowledge Officer
Synectics, Inc.

“Before working with AlphaBuzz, I used to have facilities recruit my studies. While facilities can and often do a great job, AlphaBuzz brings an attention to detail and an appreciation of the goals of the project that no other organization can match. The result is that for each project, I know that we’ve recruited the right people, that the people will show up, and that the people will be articulate. I have complete trust in the AlphaBuzz team.”

Jonathan Schneider
Square One Research

“I’ve worked with AlphaBuzz on many user studies for Autodesk. They’re incredibly reliable and professional. They’re responsive and flexible in the face of the inevitable logistical complexities of field research. Most importantly, they always provide us with a consistent set of high-quality recruits. I always turn to AlphaBuzz first.”

John Wallace
User Experience Architect, Consumer Products

“I have been a qualitative researcher, focus group & usability moderator for over 10 years. I have worked with AlphaBuzz, Inc. since their beginnings, and can say – without a doubt – that their recruiting processes are by far better than any facility I’ve used. I rely on them for the success of my projects. They consistently deliver qualified, articulate, and engaged respondents.”

Chris Young
Senior Consultant
Answer Lab / Questus

"Having worked with AlphaBuzz for nearly 4 years, I consider their recruitment services an essential component of our research efforts. AlphaBuzz understands that the value of any research is largely dependent on the ability to apply findings to a larger market population, and never fails to provide the specific demographics required for our studies, down to the smallest detail. Our screening requirements often change late in the planning process, and AlphaBuzz has always accommodated such changes with grace and accuracy."

Don MacArthur
User Research Manager

“We have been working with AlphaBuzz for user testing recruitment for a number of years and they have consistently provided quality participants for user testing. The AlphaBuzz team is highly responsive to our requests. They are professional and collaborative and a pleasure to work with for our recruiting needs.”

Malia Zoghlin
User Testing Program Manager
Orbitz Worldwide

"AlphaBuzz respondents make all the difference...allowing for research that gets to deeper more meaningful insights that lead to richer learnings. AlphaBuzz is able to deliver quality respondents consistently...even when up against tight timelines."

Margot Bogue
Associate Director of Planning

“AlphaBuzz, Inc. recruits for both market research and usability research and will handle incentives too. I love them. They are extremely responsive, high-touch, and pride themselves on the quality of their work. If they don’t think they can do a project—they’ll refuse it, which makes me trust them when they say they can do a project.”

Kellie Mecham
Senior User Researcher

"Moderating eight different groups in four different cities in a week is difficult enough as it is... I love having AlphaBuzz handle the recruiting because everything is done right: update sheets arrive on time, the recruits are complete, people show up, and all the little details are done as a matter of course and in a timely manner. I can arrive to the facility with confidence!"

Chris Hauck
Lynx Research Consulting

“The high quality participants AlphaBuzz finds for my research studies make the findings much more relevant and compelling to my product teams. Participants show up on time and are well within my profile definition. Working with AlphaBuzz these past 4 years has been rewarding, because they anticipate and double-check details, so I can focus on other aspects of the study plan.”

Alison Ruge
Senior User Researcher
Cisco Systems

"AlphaBuzz minimizes uncertainty in qualitative research by taking a creative and professional approach to recruiting. The same team recruits an entire project, ensuring consistency and efficiency in multi-city studies. This attention to recruiting quality is competitively priced, and given the high cost of qualitative, is an excellent value!"

Marcy Welk
Vice President, Client Services
Burke, Inc.

“We have been working with the core team at AlphaBuzz for many years. They are highly responsive to us as clients and their attention to detail is unparalleled. They have become an integral part of our success in executing projects. All business formality aside, at the core they are solid human beings who are, not only efficient but most importantly a pleasure to work with!”

Kit Lofgren
Abbott Usability